Okładka książki as the inspector said ...

As the Inspector Said ...

John Escott

Criminals always think they are cleverer than other people - cleverer than the detectives, cleverer than the people that they plan to rob or murder. But the criminals in these five stories are not always successful, and they meet some very surprising difficulties. Sonia's boring little husband is only interested in his books and old silver. He has no idea what his wife and her lover plan to do - or does he?...A burglar whispering secrets on a train - how could he know that a thirteen-year-old girl can read his lips from the other side of carriage?... Dunstan Thwaite decides he must do something about the man who is blackmailing him - it will look like an accident, of course ... And Flambeau, the most famous thief in Europe, thinks it will be so easy to steal the Blue Cross from Father Brown, who is only a simple little priest... But perhaps it is safer not to do the crime yourself. If, like Mr Elliston, you pay another man to do the murder, nothing can possibly go wrong ... John Escott, who has retold these stories for Book worms, is himself an author of crime and mystery thrillers. He lives and works in Bournemouth, on the south coast of England.   źródło opisu: z ksiązki źródło okładki: https://openlibrary.org/works/OL5356123W/As_the_Inspector_Said

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data wydania:1994-01-01
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