Okladka ksiazki lhasa the open city

Lhasa, the Open City

Han Suyin

Over the centuries, the viel of mystery shrouding Tibet has only rarely been lifted. In 1975, however, Han Suyin travelled to Lhasa - the first person from abroad to do so in thirteen years. This is the absorbing account of her journey, a book which counters the view that Tibet, as a Lamaist paradise, was stripped of its culture by Chinese invaders. For the author found a vibrant city whose people, while proud of their heritage, as determined to remove the last traces of a feudal theocracy which previaled until 1959. The remarkable changes in the Tbetan wasy of life that have occurred since then have been closely observed at first hand. ANd by tracing the region's historical background, Han Suyin shows that close links have existed between Tibet and China since the seventh century. The fascinating picture which emerges is that of a young, optimistic country moving out of primitive darkeness, an illuminating tribute to the Tibetan people.   źródło opisu: www.goodreads.com źródło okładki: www.goodreads.com

Szczegółowe informacje

wydawnictwo:Panther Books
data wydania:1979-01-01

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