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Okładka książki splinter


Ricki Delaine

An uncertain future … Theron’s time protecting the future Empress is ending. Lady Lynea is to marry the Emperor in two weeks. Or so he’s been told. He carried out his duty, watching over the lady, guarding her … but everything changes when he learns that what he’s been told is a lie. Ria, the village outcast, never thought her forbidden visits to the palace grounds would really get her into trouble. But she finds herself neck deep in it the day she meets Theron, honored Protector of the lady. She’s not exactly sure how it happened, but before she knows it she’s tumbling into Theron’s frightening world, allied with him against an enemy they can’t hope to defeat.   źródło opisu: http://www.rickidelaine.com/splinter-trapped-souls/ źródło okładki: http://www.rickidelaine.com/splinter-trapped-souls/