Okładka książki the gospels: jesus christ

The Gospels: Jesus Christ

Terry Eagleton, Giles Fraser

In this new presentation of the Gospels, renowned thinker Terry Eagleton asks: was Jesus a revolutionary? In this new presentation of the Gospels, Terry Eagleton makes a powerful and provocative argument for Jesus Christ as a social, political and moral radical, a friend of anti-imperialists, outcasts and marginals, a champion of the poor, the sick and immigrants, and as an opponent of the rich, religious hierarchs, and hypocrites everywhere — in other words, as a figure akin to revolutionaries like Robespierre, Marx, and Che Guevara.   źródło opisu: https://www.versobooks.com/books/270-the-gospels źródło okładki: https://www.versobooks.com/books/270-the-gospels